Cultural Training


Cross-Cultural Training is Key

Whether you are traveling, considering a job abroad, relocating employees, or hiring internationally, cross-cultural training and repatriation training are key elements to your success.



What is most important for a relocation program’s success?

Approximately 2/3 of international relocations that fail indicate family adaptation as the reason. Corporations pay at least $100,000 on average to relocate an employee internationally, and the families give extensive time and energy resources to make the dream reality.

Investing in language and cultural training for the employee and their family can significantly improve the likelihood that the employee will be able to complete their assignment with their family, and it also improves the retention of the employee with the company.



What is the main element missing in relocation programs?

Organizations see the incredible benefit of hiring internationally. Valued employees sign up. Time goes by. If all goes well, the time will come to bring the employee back home after their assignment is over. Unfortunately, here is where many companies get it wrong.

Contractually, over half appear to be interested in helping with relocation on paper. However, only 9% actually invest in repatriation training. The effects of this are obvious. Nearly half will leave the organization within three years.