Professional Language

Whether you are a doctor, an office manager, or a machine specialist, you have value to add to whatever professional team you are on (or aspire to be on). High performing professionals often face challenges when crossing languages and cultures and find themselves wondering, "Why can't I seem to reach the same level of success and advancement here that I had in my home country?" Learning the language skills needed for politeness, presentations and meetings can help remove the glass ceiling.


Diplomatic language

Handling challenging situations like confrontation and critique with confidence and respect requires the fine art of diplomatic language. Avoid the pitfall of accidentally offending others by learning the delicate skill of politeness in American English.



Whether speaking to small or large audiences, you want your meaning to be clear and delivered in a way that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Since different languages approach presentations differently, find out how you can effectively drive home your message in English.


Language of meetings

Securing a turn to talk in meetings, presenting your ideas clearly, and delivering them in a way that makes others want to listen is critical for any professional. Learn to navigate the American meeting and take your communication skills to a new level.