Pronunciation for Life


Purposeful Pronunciation

Speaking clearly and being understood is about so much more than just the individual sounds. It's not about sounding exactly like a native speaker. It's about learning to use the sounds of a language to communicate who you are and what you mean- the first time. So much of your intention, attitude, meaning, personality and even character comes out in the pronunciation of English. We want to make sure you sound like yourself in every way.

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satisfyingly comprehensive

To be successful, you need coaching that is both thorough and targeted. We offer both. You get comprehensive training in each component of excellent pronunciation: intonation, stress & rhythm, connected speech, consonant sounds, and vowel sounds. Our unique diagrams, visuals, and expert coaching will help you master each component and learn to make them all work together for your success.


purposefully contextualized

We don't just have you repeat endless lists of words and phrases. Those are tools, yes, but if that is all you do, you will never be able to fully apply your newly found pronunciation skills. Your pronunciation skills are contextualized in real life language. Language you need for your own life. Pronunciation for Life helps you build language for everyday conversations you might have at the store, the doctor's office, the bank school, work, and more. You master pronunciation meaningfully.

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the secret sauce

Most restaurants have that tantalizing secret recipe you just can't get anywhere else. From years of targeted pronunciation coaching, I've learned the secret to success with pronunciation. It's not something you'll get from the average speech pathologist's pronunciation training- or just any degreed TESOL trainer either. Without this cultural component, you will either consciously or subconsciously stymie your success.