The Purposeful English Difference

You are designed like no one else on this planet. You have a unique personality, a unique skill set, and a unique reason for learning English. You have a voice and message all your own. Yet, communicating who you are and what matters to you in English is a little more complicated than learning vocabulary and grammar. 

Many of my students have experienced the difficulty of entering a new language and culture, where instead of accomplished professionals, they feel a bit like children. Instead of solving complicated problems in their profession, they find themselves struggling with how to communicate in English. Instead of being recognized for their expertise and experience, they find themselves struggling to get positions they deserve.  

Let me coach you in the areas you need it most to meet your goals. My passion is to free you to be completely who you are when you speak English. I offer expert language and cultural training training with these core values:


I'm not going to give you meaningless busywork exercises. What you do in class and out of class will be designed to help you communicate better and purposefully address your emerging needs. Your everyday language needs, questions and interests are welcome in this environment. Classes are dynamic and energized by my sincere passion to free you to relax, enjoy life, be successful, and be yourself in English.


Honesty and Integrity are at the heart of what I do. The God I serve sets high standards of truthfulness that I seek to follow. I personally care about the success of each of my students. I want to give you all the tools you need to be successful. To do that, I have to be honest with you. I have to tell you the things your other English speaking friends and colleagues wouldn't feel comfortable saying. I have to offer quality training with integrity.


Since 2003, I've had the joy of tailoring training to meet the emerging needs of professionals from every continent- from company presidents to sales professionals to stay-at-home spouses, I delight in helping your communication shine in your specific area of expertise. I know English, culture, and communication. I'll coach you not only how to use them better, but how to keep developing your skills long after our classes end.