Pronunciation for Teachers


You have a message and expertise to pass on to the next generation.

You know you're stuff and can teach it like no one else on earth.

Do it with confidence, knowing your students won't miss the vital truths you're passing down. 

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satisfyingly comprehensive

To be successful, you need coaching that is both thorough and targeted. We offer both. You get comprehensive training in each component of excellent pronunciation: intonation, stress & rhythm, connected speech, consonant sounds, and vowel sounds. Our unique diagrams, visuals, and expert coaching will help you master each component and learn to make them all work together for your success.

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purposefully contextualized

We don't just have you repeat endless lists of words and phrases unrelated to what you do. Master each component of pronunciation by practicing it in the context of what you teach. Practice language vital for giving students confidence, inspiring them, correcting them respectfully, and giving clear directions. Ensure that the messages you are passing on to your students do not get lost.

Secret Sauce.png

the secret sauce

Most restaurants have that tantalizing secret recipe you just can't get anywhere else. From years of targeted pronunciation coaching, I've learned the secret to success with pronunciation. It's not something you'll get from the average speech pathologist's pronunciation training- or just any degreed TESOL trainer either. Without this cultural component, you will either consciously or subconsciously stymie your success.