Purposeful Pronunciation

Taking on the American Accent is central to freeing you be you in English. Many of my students had struggled to be respected and promoted to a level fitting with their skills, experience, and character. Understanding the key role language and culture play is critical to making leaps forward in this area.  

Thorough, expert pronunciation training can not only help others understand your words better, but it can help them understand your intentions, personality, and even character better, leading to increased trust and more positive interactions with clients, colleagues, bosses, friends, and family in English.

Proven Results

From Vice-Presidents of Fortune 500 companies to professional sports players, I've been researching and applying the best methods in pronunciation training since 2006. I'm delighted every time I hear of a student getting that promotion, being selected for that job, excelling in that presentation, and strengthening that relationship with their improved pronunciation skills. Your communications can be transformed through Purposeful Pronunciation Training.

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Pronunciation for Healthcare

Communicating care is critical whether you are a doctor, clinician, therapist, support staff member, or nurse. Yet, care is communicated differently in different languages and cultures. Did you know that focusing on the overarching patterns of pronunciation can significantly improve patient perception of care? Everyone knows this translates to better ratings and reimbursements. This medically-focused pronunciation training is like no other, offering expert pronunciation training in the context of exceptional phrases for the language of care.


Pronunciation for Business

One of the best investments you can make for your business is to ensure you and other personnel have the communication tools necessary to earn the trust and respect of customers and colleagues. Did you know that, according to research, accents often lead to distrust? Targeting key aspects of pronunciation can significantly increase trust. This thorough, business-focused pronunciation training gives you the edge you need to be better understood, both in what you are saying and in what you mean by what you say.


Pronunciation for Customer Service

Your passion is to offer exceptional customer service to each client. Yet, this can be difficult when some clients have difficulty understanding you or make biased comments about your accent. You can take significant strides to sounding more customer friendly by focusing on the overarching patterns of pronunciation: intonation, stress/rhythm, and blending. Pronunciation for Telecommunications can make a significant difference towards customer understanding and satisfaction!


Pronunciation for Teachers

You want your students to excel. Naturally, you also desire this of yourself. Pronunciation training can help equip you to train English as a Second Language students to more effectively communicate not only what they mean, but who they are. It can also simply help you clearly convey all the crucial information your students need to learn.


Pronunciation for Life

You want to communicate who you are confidently in English. You are intrigued by the research indicating that pronunciation plays a powerful role in this. This streamlined course covers all you need to know to effectively use pronunciation to communicate what you mean and who you are. 




Hard time choosing?

Let us help you decide! All of our Purposeful Pronunciation courses comprehensively cover intonation, stress, connected speech, consonant sounds, and vowel sounds of American English. Unlike most courses designed by speech pathologists, each of our courses thoroughly equips you with the cultural training related to pronunciation that you will need to be successful.  

So, what is the difference? The professional content and context of the course. To help you decide which is best for you, let's chat!