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Tailored for You

You are not like any other person on earth, so your language training should not be like any other person's. You have a specific personality, profession, learning style, and life plan. The language you need and use should reflect that. Let us design a program that focuses on as many or as few of the services you need for success in your corner of the world. 

Prioritize What Matters To You

Decide what areas of focus are most critical to your success. Not sure where to start? Join me for a free consultation, and I'll help you develop a plan for reaching your language goals.

  • Writing

  • Grammar

  • Vocabulary

  • Test Preparation

  • Executive Training

  • Language for Meetings


  • Pronunciation

  • Speaking

  • Listening

  • Reading

  • Diplomatic Language

  • Presentations

Tailored for Your Hospital or Business

Your organization invests in your customers and clients by hiring the brightest and best from around the world. You want these professionals to reflect your unique organization, uphold your standards, and offer the same kind of care your patients and clients have come to trust.

Did you know that a simple investment in your professionals' language and cultural proficiency can not only increase their satisfaction with your organization, improving employee retention, but it can significantly increase your customer and client satisfaction ratings as well?