Taking on a New Accent

Taking on the American Accent is central to freeing you be you in English. Many of my students had struggled to be respected and/or promoted to a level fitting with their skills, experience, and character. Understanding the key role that language and culture play in this is critical to making leaps forward in this area.  



Thorough, expert pronunciation training can not only help others understand your words better, but it can help them understand your intentions, personality, and even character better, leading to increased trust and more positive interactions with clients, colleagues, bosses, friends, and family in English.

Accent Addition Not Accent Reduction

Pronunciation training through Purposeful English is all about helping you take on a new accent: the American English Accent. It is not about getting rid of other accents you masterfully use. 

Your accent is perfect. You likely have multiple accents or dialects you can use professionally. These are part of you and a very important part of what makes you you and what makes you successful. 

So, think about it as Accent Addition NOT Accent Reduction.

These trainings are designed to help you master the American English accent as just another tool in your language tool-belt. They are designed to help you use this new accent to reduce misunderstandings about what you say and what you mean by what you say. 

English as a First or Second Language

Many professionals focus on pronunciation to increase their intelligibility within their organization and field of expertise. This is true for professionals studying English as a second, third, fourth (or more) language. This is also true for professionals from India, the Philippines, Kenya, Singapore, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and so many others who have English as a first language in their countries.  When communicating internationally, or in a US context, many professionals have discovered that accent addition can be extremely helpful.

Options Designed with You in Mind

With my research and extensive experience in this area,  your communications can be transformed through pronunciation training focused on your context. Start by selecting which option fits your context best. From there, training can be tailored to fit you specifically.